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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  March 6, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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funerals. za we'll see you back here next sunday at 12:00 p.m. eastern. thank you for watching fox news where more news is always on the way. >> chris: i'm chris wallace and this is "fox news sunday." they target military funerals saying the deaths of u.s. servicemen are the will of god. the supreme court decides repugnant or not it's protected free speech. we'll talk with the leader of westboro baptist church, margie phelps, about the case and actions one supreme court justice called cruel. a partial government shutdown is avoided for now. as all sides try to reach a deal to cut spending but keep the government running, we'll discuss the key issues with two
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congressional leaders. the democrats' number two man, dick durbin and. >> we'll ask our sunday panel about newt gingrich's announcement and where he stands in the republican contest. our power playing of the week runs one of the first programs to face the budget. >> hello again from fox news in washington. the supreme court ruled this week no matter how hateful speech in public places on public issues is protected by the constitution. before we talk with one of the leaders of westboro baptist church, james rosen tells how we got here. >> that funerals, and other solemn events, members of the westboro baptist church showed up to wave obnoxious signs and
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chant to protest a society they deem too tolerant of homosexuals. many of the parishioners of the church are relatives of found irfred phelps. the supreme court wednesday ruled westboro's protest outside the funeral of matthew snyder, who was not gay, was constitutional. >> our reaction is thank god and praise his name. our secondary reaction ising in has changed accept this. this case put a megaphone to the mouth of church >> for albert snyder the ruling reopened the with wound-his son's death. >> we found out today we can no longer bury our dead in this
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country with dignity. >> in his descent, the justice says it doesn't provide a right for the vicious verbal result in this case. >> chris: thank you for that. joining us now from topeka, kansas is margie phelps, daughter of the found of the westboro baptist church and lawyer who argued the case before the supreme court. before we talk about the case, let's talk about your church. it's not just u.s. soldiers, your church says that 911 and the explosion of the space shuttle columbia were also god's will. and after the shootings in tucson, you said, your church did, that 9-year-old christina taylor green was better off dead and you wanted to picket her funeral. how does an innocent 9-year-old girl end up in this? >> well, maybe you study the
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scriptures, you would know no human is innocent and when a nation makes policy of sin, that the god of eternity deals with that nation by pouring his wrath out on that nation and every description of that kind in the scriptures, includes down to sucklings get caught up we're saying they're dying for your sins and if you want it stop you have to repent and stop. >> chris: let's talk about interpreting god's will. your father, fred phelps, the founder of the church, was five years old when his mother died of throat cancer. the aunt who raised him was killed in 1950 in a car crash. was the death of his mother, was the death of the aunt, was that god's will? >> it absolutely was. and i'm quite certain knowing my father as i do, that for him to
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do the work that he has ended up needing to do in his life, it was absolutely needful to remove those women from the landscape. there's no question. god hold the breath of life of every human in his hand and he has this mapped out and does it according to his good well and pleasure. >> chris: if i may, isn't it possible -- i wouldn't dare to interpret god's will, but isn't it possible god was sending a warning to your father about the kind of church that he was going to establish and in fact god was trying to tell him not to establish that church that would commit these kinds of acts? >> i don't see a cause and affect. in point of fact, the church was established and he's been the pastor for nearly 60 years. and amazing and marvelous work in this church and this body. >> chris: the dictionary defines a cult, a cult, this way.
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a religion or sect considered to be falls, inorthodox or extremist with members living outside society under the direction of a charismatic leader. most of the members of your congregation much members of your extended family, many of them live in a compound along with the church in topeka, kansas. isn't westboro baptist church a cult? >> of course you can imagine you're not the first person to make that suggestion and my dad would laugh at the notion he's cares matz mat sick. he's god fearing and mainstream. we're in your schools and jobs and every day a testimony. at the end of the day, call us a cult, call us anything, just publish the words. all that name calling has become white noise as the entire world looks at this message. in fact this case put a megaphone to the mouth of this
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church. >> chris: you talk about your father at god fearing. your father had 13 children. two of your brothers, nate and mark, say that your father abused your mother and abused you kids. they described savage beatings and outbursts and mark said this, we had to watch out for this madman. >> well, mark always had an overactive imagination and both of them have been gone for decades. all my parents' children who want too serve god, which is actually nine of the 13, not 11 of the 13, but 9 of the 13 commune with him and my mom daily and they're wonderful people. they taught us the truth about what the bible says. you don't see that anymore. they stand uniquely -- they're the only two of their generation in this world that i have seen who are actually a testimony to what the bible says and the
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cause of god's truth. we're very thankful to have them. very thankful. >> chris: let's turn to the supreme court's ruling this week. i want to put up on the screen your reaction to it. you said this is not my victory, this is god's victory. there's no shutting up the church of the lord jesus christ. is the ruling by the supreme court this week god's will? >> of course it was or it wouldn't have happened. he holds the hearts of the kings in his hand. he put us out on the battlefield and told us to go out and tell this nation that your soldiers are dying for your sins and you've got to stop sinning if you want thatmy hem to end. he would not have done that and then left us to the devices of mankind unable to complete that good work. so of course it's his will and we're thankful and we praise his name for it. >> chris: how do you explain another supreme court reeling in 2003 in lawrence v. texas the
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court ruled by 6-3 a law prohibiting sexual acts between same-sex couples was unconstitutional. they said it was a right of privacy for consensual same-sex couples. that also god's will? >> no, in fact it's a curse from god. we picketed outside the supreme court the day they were having those arguments and i recall specifically my dad and i being there among others. we told that crowd, wait not there, oh yea, all you having business before this court, draw and eye and bend over. it's said that the supreme court is the conscience of this nation. on that day, this nation, when they issued that opinion, this nation crossed a line of no return with the lord god almighty. >> chris: your -- if i may, you're the arbiter of when it's god's will and when it's god's curse. let me ask you, are the --
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>> we're not the arbiter, mr. wallace, we read plain words and the scriptures are full of passages when it is nation crossed the line where positively of sin. one of the ways god curses that nation is by sending them leaders who are immoral and that's what's happened. every one of hits branches -- >> chris: if i may, are the nine justs on the supreme court, are the nine justices going to hell? >> i have no objective indicator otherwise. the default for mankind is hell. and unless you bring forth fruits, meat for repentance, the assumption is you end up in hell when you quit your life on this earth. there's a duty of every human to bring forth fruit, meat for repentance. i have seen no evidence of that in a single leaders.
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>> the justices are going to hell, the president's going to hell. >> absolutely on the president. that's a big 10-4. i answered on the justices. the president will be king of the world before this is said and done and he's most likely the beast spoken of in the revelation. >> chris: several retired air force generals are seeking to have ten lawyers, i assume you're one of them, dis barred but they say because of your failure to maintain professional standards -- >> do you know. >> chris: if i may, miss phelps, if i may ask the question, they cite your decades long pattern of uncivil and unprofessional conduct. go ahead. >> right. and the complaint was dis-- they never even mailed it to us. it was dismissed so quickly. and they included in the complaint the brief that i filed with the supreme court and various religious publications.
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it was falling from the beginning. check this out. the he pentagon declared war on this church. when they did that they declared war on god almighty. they have epic failed, to use their language and in god's view of this merit, to use they're belly bad ass term, it's the tango down. >> chris: miss phelps. >> the line for. >> chris: i have a minute left and i have -- i have one more question and we have less than a minute. some of your signs say thank god, thank god for dead soldiers. do you see no morale difference between a fallen american serviceman and the al qaeda terrorist he's fighting who is slaughter innocent people for jihad. do you see any difference? >> yes, there is a difference. the american soldier is worse because he pretends that he's fighting for liberty and a
2:13 pm
christian nation and there is not a bigger lie on the face of this earth today. those soldiers are fighting for same-sex marriage and all the lesser included sins and there's not an ounce of nobility in the united states military. if you fear god, you will not the put that uniform on. >> chris: that's apparently worse than slaughtering innocence. thank you so much for talking with us today. >> thank you. >> chris: two congressional leaders and the fight to cut federal spending and keen keep the government in business. for me cheerios is a good place to start. [ male anuncer ] to keep doing what you love, take re of your heart with cheerios. the whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. love your heart so yo can do what you love.
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congress passed a compromise this week to keep the government running two more weeks but the threat of a partial shutdown is there and so are the major difference between the two
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parties. what happens now? for answers we turn to the number one democrat, dick durbin from chili and jeb hence jeb hensarling from dallas. democrats are offering at this point $10.5 billion in spending cuts. senator durbin, where two the do stand and are democrats willing to agree to more cuts? >> i can they will you that we're going to have a vote. i think we've to demonstrate to the house republicans and to speaker boehner what will happen to their proposal when it comes to the senate. my guess is it will not come close to passage. it's an indication we need to get serious and not lunch from one week or two weeks to two-weeks in funding the government. we need be a agreement on a bipartisan basis. i hope after our vote in the
2:18 pm
senate tha will happen. >> chris: congressmen jeb hensarling, where do the talks stand and are republicans willing to agree to less than $61 billion in cuts? >> well first, chris, as you know, we wouldn't be in this place in the first place had the previous democratic congress passed a budget, passed a spending bill. it's the first time since 1974 the house hasn't passed a budget. that's point number one. point number 2, if we help create jobs in america and help had save our children from bankruptcy, we've got to take america off this fiscally irresponsible path, borrowing 4 cents on the dollars, much of it from the chinese and sending it to our children. house republicans proposal we keep the government open. the senate had time to consider it. they wanted more time so we gave them two more weeks.
2:19 pm
i hope they join us and i agree with dick, i would hope we could work on a bipartisan basis to put this nation on a fiscally sustainable path. >> chris: let me break in. i might note in my answer to my question, neither of you said, democrats, whether you're willing to accept more cuts, republicans willing to accept more. nor senator durbin you and other democrats talk about meeting the republicans halfway. >> democrats stand ready to meet the republicans halfway on this. that would be fair. >> my administration's put forward specific cuts that meet congressional republicans halfway. >> chris: but several major news organizations say that talk about meeting the republicans halfway is a phony. to get there you claim $41 billion in cuts from president obama's budget which was never passed. you're not actually cutting anything. let's take a look at the real numbers. republicans want $61 billion in
2:20 pm
actual cuts from current spending. between the extension you passed last week and the next one, you're offering $10 billion in actual cuts. $10.5 billion in cuts from current spending. associated press says the white house is arguably meeting the gop just one sixth of the way, not halfway. your response? >> well, let me say this, we can talk about numbers and i'm willing to. but let's get down to the bottom. the bottom is this: if we went ahead with the house republican budget, if we decided to cut education, the way they want to cut it, take it out of head start and put hundreds of thousands of poor can kids out of the program and dismiss 10, 20 thousands teachers and staff. if we cut the pell grants and force young people to leave college, if we want to cut medical research at the national institutes of health, which somewhat they propose and cut
2:21 pm
one-third of the staff at the organ national laboratory. if you want to cut the infrastructure projects putting -- >> chris: senator, i get the idea you don't da vinci code if i may, i'm going -- if i may, i want to ask the congressman. democrats are proposing -- let's put it up. $10.5 billion in real cuts from current spending. that's from total spending of $3.7 trillion. senator durbin, that represents a cut of .28%, less than one-third of 1%. that really the best the democrats can do? >> chris, if i could finish my answer. >> chris: if i could ask you, is .28% the best the democrats can do? >> the house republican budget. >> chris: i'm asking about your budget, sir. >> chris, may i answer? >> chris: i'm asking you to answer my question, which is that the best democrats can do? >> i'm going to finish one way or the other.
2:22 pm
the house republican budget takes all of its cuts out of 12% of the budget, jeb and i sat on a commission that said we need to put everything on the table, you can't balance the budget of america by cutting education, research and invasion and basic. >> chris: are you willing to accept more cuts? >> what i'm saying is if you believe you balance the budget but cutting 12% down to balance, it's literally, figuratively impossible. if you want bragging rights for who cuts the most out of education. >> chris: you didn't answer the question sir and i gave you a chance to answer. congressman hensarling, let's look at the gop's proposed cuts that senator durbin keeps talking about. $2 billion from job training. $1.6 billion for the national institutes of health, 600 million from border security and immigration enforcement.
2:23 pm
really, cuts in job training and border security? >> couple of things, chris. number one, at some point you've got to quit spending money you don't have. we just came off our first trillion dollars deficit. our second now under president obama and the democrats. the single largest deficit in america's history. now dick says everything has to be on the table but under their plan, nothing's on the table. here's what we have done as house republicans. we know the best housing program, the best education program and best nutrition program is a job. there are millions of fellow americans out out of work due te economic policies of his party in president obama. you talk to any of the job creators and they'll tell you one of the things that concerns them the most is the debt. so high levels of indebtedness lead to high levels of taxation which lead to high levels of unemployment. if you really want to get people
2:24 pm
to have paychecks instead of government checks we've got to put the nation on a fiscally sustainable course. when dick accuses us of draconian cuts, this is 2 1/2% of the entire federal budget they're willing to do nothing. again,. >> chris: let me break in. i have to break in. congressmen, i have to break in. one of the points that senator durbin made and a lot of people say this, the problem is that you're focusing on 15% of the budget, nondefense discretionary spending and ignoring big money. john boehner spoke to the "wall street journal" this week and said, the budget is likely to contain cost containment goals for entitlements. but no specific ideas on how to achieve them. is that the best republicans can do, containment goals but no specific plans?
2:25 pm
>> well, what i'd like to do is be able to work with democrats to reform current entitlement programs for future generation, grand grandfathering in the grandparents. dick and i were appointees to the president's commission. i hope he agrees if you put america on a fiscally sustainable path where you don't destroy the american dream for our children, giving them less opportunity than we've had, these have to be addressed. republicans have done this, paul ryan in wisconsin putting forth his plan which i cosponsored, road mapped for america's future. yet we have a president who has not led. we only have one president and all he presents us it trills of dollars of more debt. >> chris: in his new budget, the president ignores the debt commission that both you and jeb hencer ling were part of and --
2:26 pm
>> i can tell you i'm still here. i can tell you when it came to that deficit commission you was proud to vote with it, even though idy agreed with the particulars. not a single house republican voted for the deficit commission report, including jeb and paul ryan and dave camp. what we believe is you can't cut your way out of our crisis. you can't tax your way out of our crisis. you have to deal with this in its entirety and think our way out of it. we have to come up with the kind of answers that show that both sides are willing to give. chris, one point i want to make, we're continuing the work of the deficit commission on a bipartisan basis. there are six senators sitting down, three democrats, three republicans. and they really represent the whole spectrum. we're trying to come up with a comprehensive way, not about bragging rights for six months but a sen able way that brings
2:27 pm
us to a point we agree on. >> chris: we have a couple minutes left and i want to try again with the question at the beginning question i didn't get a answer to from either of you. congressman hensarling, you not only have to deal with the democrats but you have to deal with your tea party freshman. if you come back to them with a compromise as a result of these budget talks a compromise of less than $61 billion in cuts and real spending this year, will they support it and will you support it? >> well, all i can say is here's what we're going to fight for. i'm not going to negotiate this on television today. we're going to fight for putting america on a fiscally sustainable path to create jobs today, save our children from bankruptcy tomorrow. unfortunately we will know, republicans only control one of three levels. the democrats have the senate
2:28 pm
and white house. nobody wants to shut down the government. one thing that's non-negotiable. we will not pass bills that don't create savings for the american people, create confidence for american job creators so we can start creating more jobs. >> chris: senator durbin, in less than a minute i'm going to try again. you're at $10..5 billion, are you willing to accept more in cuts than $10.5 billion? >> i can tell you i'm willing to see more deficit reduction but not out of domestic discretionary spending. when you cut education, invasion and infrastructure, you're not dealing with the reality of this recession. paul told us ear going to have 700,000 americans out of work because of the house republican budget that doesn't help get out of the recession. >> chris: i've been jonbenet ramsey quickly -- you're saying $10.5 billion in domestic,
2:29 pm
nondefense discretionary spending. >> we push this to the limit. to go further is to push more kids out of school, to stifle the administration, which we need to create more jobs and stops the investment and infrastructure which kills good paying jobs here in the united states. >> chris: we're going to have to leave it there. thank you both. congressman hensarling, senator durbin, thank you both and we'll stay on top of these negotiations. >> thank you. >> chris: up next, better than expected news on the economy. our sunday panel weighs in on just how excited we should get. hi, dad. we need to talk. [ male announcer ] this intervention brought to you by niaspan. no, it's not about boys. it's about you. mom and i are worried about your health. yes, you're exercising, eating right, but the doctor said it's not enough.
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♪ more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of crowd control on those weeds with this ryobi trimmer, just 89 bucks. >> shannon: z this week we learned the unemployment rate has fallen to the lowest level in nearly two years as our economy added
2:33 pm
222,000 private sector jobs last month. >> chris: president obama celebrating the encouraging employment numbers from last month. it's time four our sunday group. chris stirewalt, digital politics editor nina easton, and kevin madden, republican strategist, mitt romney's stokes man and juan williams. before we get to the panel we've been trying to fact check, hard to do on sunday mornings. all indications are from the first interview with margie phelps, she claims the suit by the air force general seeking dis barment of ten lawyers has dismissed. we see no indication it's been dismissed. all right, to the economy. let's look at the numbers, unemployment now down to 8.9%. 12 consecutive months of the private sector job growth but
2:34 pm
the participation rate. percentage of people with jobs or looking for work is the lowest in 25 years. what does that tell but the strength of this recovery? >> the recovery is uncertain and everybody knows that. congress knows that, the president knows that, as we discuss cuts and spending and all these other things, looming in the background is everybody knows this could go right over the cliff any time. this progress could be quickly reversed so it adds a stark anxiety to the discussion in washington. >> chris: we're going to get to oil but taking that out and the spike in oil prices. nina, when you look at the numbers, what do you see? >> not to sound negative because it was a note of -- a bit of positive news but it's a muted recovery. the labor participation rate is key. the number of people who have given up, aren't in the job market, disability rolls are increasing, continue to increase so it means people are going on
2:35 pm
disability. a lot of people are going on or staying on government aid and government aid, at a time when government aid is targeted to are cuts. there are a number of long term unemployed people. you have to worry about what that does to the nation's psyche when you have this many people still out of work, six months a year, even two years and on. that's -- that's going to be the difficult -- most difficult nut for any candidate or any president to crack. >> chris: kevin, the unrest -- i said take oil out, now put it in. unrest in the middle east contributed to a spike in oil prices. crude is now $104 a barrel, that's a the highest in more than two years. a gallon of gas jumped 10% from $3.08 a gallon to $3.38 a gallon. kevin, the rule of thumb is for every one cent increase in the cost of a gallon of gas, that takes a billion dollars of
2:36 pm
consumer spending away from all other areas except energy. >> that's right. in some places pricing are going up 3, 4 cents a day. that's amet ric every american peoples every day. themetrics on the unemployment side, that is probably not going to be much of a consolation for those people that are out of work. then those ones that are going to work, they have to pay 3 cents a gallon. so i think it's going to -- it could very well it tamp down economic recovery we see. that's going to be something that the white house is very worried about the next few months. >> when gas prices spiked the last timed the white house -- they talked about domestic oil production as part of the problem. when you have a weak recovery and rising gas prices, that's a bad combination.
2:37 pm
>> it's a bad combination but it's tied to instability in the middle east, libya, the threat. but i think most americans understand that. i don't think they see this as a matter of an oil shortage. they see it as a matter of temporary instability. the question is how long will it last. the good news is boosting consumer confidence in the country and especially boosting the number of private employers willing to hire. that's the good news, look at manufacturing, construction industries that have been down, they're up now. this is a signal americans are thinking better times are coming. most of the economist or forecasters say we see growth in the economy. it's slow, it's not at the rate we like. a lot of people are still discouraged and that's why unemployment may go up because more people will get back into the labor market but we're
2:38 pm
saying indications the economy is on the right path. i don't see a reason to nay say that. >> another factor we have to throw into this, that is the battle we just saw in the last segment over federal spending. some economists, mark zandi, say you cut federal spending by $61 billion and it's going to have a impact. a negative impact on jobs and hiring and on the other hand. ben bernanke was up this week on capitol hill and said it would have a smaller effect. $61 billion in a multitrillion dollars economy. >> the white house's best case scenario is for anemic growth but any growths hurts the democrat's argument on can you get spending. people, as things stabilize, as the economy normalizes. people say we have -- and republicans are talking about can you get 1/30th of this
2:39 pm
year's $1.65 trillion deficits. for democrats, to push back against those cuts is difficult because you're not talking about a huge amount of money. for the president, the greater concern and long term is inflation that could come and take away the modest signs of recover because of oil prices. for the president, he's gots to deal with deficit spending, entitlement reform. >> ask you're seeing a classic application of keynesian economics with cutting government spending and hurting the economy. john taylor at stamford says the problem is private investment is sitting on the sidelines. they're scared of higher taxes, and the uncertainty and it's being squeezed out by government spending. in fact can you get government spending in the long run and medium run will help the economy. there's a disagreement, did we
2:40 pm
shouldn't say it will automatically hurt the economy. we have to worry about a debt crisis at some moment that will send the economy back into a tailspin. you have to deal with that. >> chris: what a surprise you could find a economist to back you. when we come back, potential candidates begin dipping their toes in the presidential waters. we try to make sense of newt gingrich's nonannouncement. [ male announcer ] gout's root cause is high uric acid. ♪ if you have gout, high uric acid can lead to more attacks. ♪ to help reduce attacks, lower your uric acid. uloric lowers uric acid levels in adus with gout. it's not for the treatment of high uric acid without a history of gout.
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my expectation is we'll have an announcement and we'll be in the
2:44 pm
race. i think it's very daunting but also very exciting. >> chris: former speaker of the house newt gingrich getting ever so closer to announcing a run for the presidency. we're back with the panel. one of the few things a candidate can control is how at the get into a presidential race. i don't think it's an overstatement to say newt gingrich made a hash of it. some aides said he would announce on thursday, some say he wouldn't. he announced a website. chris, what do you make of the nonentry into the race? >> it could be a secret brilliant strategy but on the cover it's a hash. not the way you want to do it. unfortunately for the former speaker, it reinforces a widely held concern about him in republican circles, he's brilliant but undies melinda -- undies melinda. he has to demonstrate he has an
2:45 pm
organization that he will be disciplined and do what is supposed to happen. what we saw is ow quickly your message is muddled and confused. >> chris: we agree gingrich, whether you like or agree or disagree with him, is one of the most brilliant men in america politics. he also carries baggage, personal and professional. how big a problem is that? >> it's a problem. i spent time with him for a profile in 2007. at the time he was a being ideas guy about reforming healthcare and he was very bipartisan. he would go into bipartisan crowd and got standing ovations. his idea was i was going to put out big ideas then people will recruit me and i'll -- and i'll run. now, flash forward and he's gotten -- he has a harder edge. he's the calling of president obama's socialist. i think newt gingrich thinks
2:46 pm
it's a big idea but not a big tent idea on his part. the other issue is his personal life. a religious conservative says one marriage too many. he's been married three times and that's a problem. >> chris: on healthcare reform, president obama took a shot as mitt romney this week. >> i agree with mitt romney. he said he's proud of what he accomplished in massachusetts and supports giving states the power to determine their healthcare solutions. he's right. >> chris: last night in new hampshire, romney responded our experiment, meek in massachusetts, wasn't perfect, some things worked, some things didn't. one thing i wouldn't do is usurp the constitution power of states with a one a one-size-fits-all l take overso we have to say, you were a top advisor to mitt
2:47 pm
romney and in all likelihood you would be if he gets into the race. is that his answer to obama care? >> i think with related to what president obama said, i i thing he's proven he's not a good judge of good or bad ideas. it was not a good idea to craft a one-size-fits-all healthcare plan for all 50 states. i don't think it was a good idea and many agree to spend a trillion dollars at a time when we don't have it. i think governor romney will make those cases and explain that he knows what went with right and what went wrong. at a governor he has had those experiences. >> chris: i think that the concern a lot of conservatives have is the principle. it's not a question of yes, they don't like the idea of the federal government versus states but they don't like the idea of government getting involved in healthcare.
2:48 pm
particularly the individual mandate. individual -- the principle of an individual mandate government telling people you have to get health insurance. >> that's going to be a challenge. many folks looking at the presidential campaigns on the republican side attacked governor romney. that's going to continue. >> chris: what's his answer? >> the most important thing he can do is talk about why he thought it was the right idea for massachusetts. how he thought it would help reduce costs and how he thought it would help increase access. if you leave that as a unique debate about what he did in massachusetts and talk about what he would do on a federal level and wouldn't pursue that one size fits all approach, people would recognize he's somebody with incredible command of healthcare. he knows what went right and wrong and he's a valuable person for the debate. >> i think it's a difference without much in the way of
2:49 pm
discernment. both are interested in healthcare reform and a plan -- that's pretty much -- kevin says not one size fits all for the nation but he was in charge for the state and it was one size fits all for the state. romney's problem speaks for the conservative base. gingrich can say i reclaimed congress after a democratic hold but the problem with someone like gingrich is lack of discipline with -- he appeals to that conservative base in some way. but with romney, you have to start looking at flip-flops on abortion, immigration, issues that pop up and people say is this a guy, even though he's a frontrunner that holds a conservative flag in a passionate way against obama. >> i disagree where many folks offer an analysis about this issue and think it's the only issue. i don't think it's the only issue. the main issue everybody will
2:50 pm
ask is who is going to run the country right? he has an incredible argument to make to the republicans and a national electorate. when that happens. >> chris: let me -- i want to move on to some of the other candidates. one of the interesting questions this year is who is going to run. let's put up four of the question marks, four potential candidates. huckabee, palin, barbour, hitch daniels -- mitch daniels. >> the republicans are -- what the republicans want is chris cristie. now they want -- >> chris cristie says, what do i have to do, commit suicide? >> now, the question is which republican candidate can do the most convincing chris cristie impersonation to win. >> they're playing hard to get. >> there's that. >> chris: and they're gaining weight. >> trying a little cal zone. the problem for daniels was on the central issue to the
2:51 pm
republican base right now, which is what republicans consider to be overweaning federal and state governmental employees. mitch daniels botched it on the first day when the indiana democrats with walked out of the legislature in the house. he offered conciliatory words at the time republicans wanted denuns yeas. >> chris: that was private employees. he took away public employees' rights six years ago. >> it was a pr botch and he tried very hard to recover. a telling statement that daniels made that was recapitulate today me was this, if his agenda in indiana precludes him from running for president, so be it. >> chris: we're going to run out of time. huckabee, palin, barbour, daniels. >> barbour in, the signs are point to go a run. daniels out. huckabee, palin, i say out and
2:52 pm
out but it will be tempting if the field doesn't get stronger. >> john huntsman is making signs towards a run. >> chris: who is he? >> i'm sorry. >> chris: i know who he is. >> i have to do my disclaimer. my husband is an advisor to mitt romney. hunts man is embassador to china and he's leaving shortly. >> since we're running out of time. >> you are the expert on republicans but go ahead. >> let me tell, four years ago i had eight republicans in the race at this time. today you have zero if you eliminate herman cain. which you could say he doesn't have a chance. the reason is people don't think obama is beatable. >> chris: oh come on. >> it's ford, carternd -- >> you think mitt romney isn't in the race because he's scared
2:53 pm
of obama? >> scared of obama? he's in the race to raise his speaking fees and sell books. >> chris: thank you, panel. this is what we invented panel plus for. check out panel plus where our group will pick up with this discussion on our website, finances full time for comments you posted to the blog. on ford says listening to the howls of protest over $100 billion in budget cuts for a multitrillion dollars crisis. it's like me cutting 1 1/2 cents from a $1,000 monthly grocery budget. cc says the men behind a voice of america television show that mocks iran's leaders. kudos to those two brave producer of sarcasm. i never felt more spoiled or
2:54 pm
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2:57 pm
>> as we sit here right now, do you know whether your program is in or out of the federal budget? >> we do not. we do not. >> chris: as the head of the program, how does it make you feel? >> it's a very unsettling time. >> carol is head of the child literacy program. hours later she would learn that federal funding for her program, $25 million a year has been eliminated. when we sat down with her, she was preparing for the worst? >> printed material is critical for learning well. >> if they don't have that access? >> they have more marks against them in the battle to learn to read. >> chris: for 44 years they have been offering programs to children in need, in inner city and poor rural areas. on indian reservations.
2:58 pm
it now gives away 15 million books a year to more than 4 million children at 17,000 sites across the country. >> i don't go anywhere to talk about talk the program, people show up me i got the first book i got and want to tell you what it meant in my life. >> chris: back in the '80s, barbara bush was on the board of directors. laura bush was helping raise money. >> i'm delighted to put forth the important work of reading. >> chris: but the obama administration decided that it should be alumni in other literacy programs and house republicans have ended federal support. >> chris: what about the argument that maybe its fine program but the government is
2:59 pm
broke and something has to go? >> it does not seem to make accept is sense to cut off that under gordon go on literacy skills. >> they get 75% of the funding from the government. now she says she'll have to push private donors even harder to make up the difference. >> chris: would you be able to handle handle 15 million books each year? >> not initially. and you are saying the program is not going to disappear? >> no, sir. what is poor child sitting in a classroom today going to have the schools they need to compete the rest of the way few school. >> chris: for all the talk of


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